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Why these Pages

During conversion to DCC within FREMO we, the "Digitalos" in the FREMO, started to collect information about DCC and make it available to the members via the Hp1 and the Internet. As a FREMO layout is formed by the modules from different members the pages about digital are also put together by pages from different members. This is also thrue for the pages about signaling. These pages here reflect my share.

Therefore most pages at are part of the pages titled DCC meets FREMO. As a result the pages of this domain do not form a closed area but are strongly linked to other members pages.


This inclusion into the FREMO pages results in a corresponding navigation. At the top and bottom of each page the is a line with links descending from left to right to show where You are. The rightmost link is therefore pointing to the page directly above the current one. On some pages there is a second line with links, leading to neighbouring pages on the same hirachical level.

Additionally some icons are used:

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Home    My Homepage. The Home is always located at the bottom left.
DCC-Logo Standards and Recommended Practices of the NMRA about DCC.
FREMO-Logo FREMO pages.

The larger mill at the top left on the pages without navigation bar leads to the table of contents.

Legal Stuff

As some German courts have decided that everybody placing pages in the Internet has to explain the reader how the Internet works my version is following. Surely I have checked the pages linked for no immoral or illegal contents at the time of setting the link. But I can't insure that the pages are not changing or the domain is taken over by another owner. Therefore I regret any responsibility for the pages linked. Clicking on a link not pointing to is on the readers risk.


If You are missing the standard link page, there is none. First there are more than enough, partially reasonably maintained. Second my pages are stuffed with links that You will find the links within the context. In some way all my pages could be regarded as link pages.

Of cause may pages are also a permanent building site. As all pages in the Internet. Therefore the endless shovelling worker provides no information and has been made redundant. Those who like animated traffic signs may have a look at the BIFAZ page.

You may also miss frames (or not). In my opinion they just defeat setting of bookmarks. Bookmarks to subframes result in loss of the navigation aids. There are no animated GIFs or other fancy stuff. May be these pages look a bit plain, but they are intend to provide information and not about design. Therefore any background wallpaper is missing, as it does not improve readability.

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