Suggestion for a Station Simulator

To test the block boxes during development a replacement for a station is needed. It should reflect the station with the functions relevant for the block without being unneccesary complex. The circuit is designed for a 12 V supply, but may be easily modified for use with 5 V or 24 V.


See the circuit diagram. All switches and relays are drawn in default position, i.e. signals at stop and relays not energized.

The circuit consists of the following components:

  • Three switches for the three signals: One entrance signal and two exit signals for testing the lockout of the second exit signal.
  • Two buttons for the two track contacts.
  • One switch for the permission passing lock.
  • Six LEDs to display the status of the three signals.
  • One buzzer notifying that the status of at least one of the exit signals does not correnspond to the switch setting (= lever position).
  • The interface connector according to the station interface in relay technique.
  • Furthermore 2 relays, 8 didodes, on transistor, 4 resistors and one terminal block for the power supply.

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