Installation and Programming of NMRA-DCC-Decoders

General Information

Sample Installations

These are some reports and pictures of decoder installations, but sorry -- nearly all in german. They are not only meant as direct procedure for a special type but also as general guidelines. For easy finding the reports are collected in a table. The link under the loco type leads to the installation report, the one under the decoder type to the corresponding web page of the manufacturer. The table is sorted by the type number used since 1968 independent from the individual prototype era. Links to similar lists with decoder installations are found at the bottom of this page.

Loco (Manufacturer) Decoder   Installed by  Remarks 
Scale H0
 BR 23 (Roco)  MX61  (Zimo  Andreas Nothaft 
 BR 38 (Fleischmann)  MX61  (Zimo  Andreas Nothaft 
pictures  BR 44 (Roco)  5246 (Viessmann  Andreas Nothaft 
pictures  50 987 (Roco)  DH120 (Digitrax  Reinhard Müller  
pictures  BR 74 (Roco)  MX61  (Zimo  Bernd Schmedesdecoder on small table
 BR 93.5 (Roco)  MX61  (Zimo  Andreas Nothaft 
pictures  106 of the DR (Gützold)  MX61   (Zimo  Gaston Schikowski  Faulhaber motor (coreless)
 211 = ex.V100 (Roco)  MX61   (Zimo  Knut Habicht Faulhaber motor (coreless)
pictures  211 = ex.V100 (Roco)  DN140 (Digitrax  Reinhard Müller 
pictures  216 = ex.V160 (Brawa)  MX61   (Zimo  Reinhard Müller 
pictures  V200 (Roco)  LE103   (Lenz  Martin Pischky 
pictures  260 = ex.V60 (Roco)  LE010XF (Lenz  Andreas Nothaft 
pictures  260 = ex.V60 (Roco)  MX61   (Zimo  Reinhard Müller 
 360 = ex.V60 (Roco)  DZ120  (Digitrax  Peter Philipp 
 V90 (Roco)  N020    (Kühn  Andreas Nothaft 
 323 = ex.Köf II (Brawa)       DZ120  (Digitrax  Reinhard Müller as PDF file (9,5K)
 Köf III (Roco)  DZ120  (Digitrax  Knut Habicht 
pictures  Köf III (Roco)  Georg Ziegler   Georg Ziegler 
 ETA 150 (Kato)  MX61   (Zimo  Andreas Nothaft 
 798 = ex.VT98 (Roco)  DZ120  (Digitrax  Bernd Gerlach 
pictures  798 = ex.VT98 (Roco)  DZ120  (Digitrax  Reinhard Müller 
pictures  VT98 (Roco)  LE030   (Lenz  Reinhard Müller 
Scale H0m
pictures  V52 [H0m] (Bemo)  LE040   (Lenz  Martin Pischky 
Scale N
Bilder  BR64 (Fleischmann)  DCX73   Jens Emmermann 
Bilder  DR-V100 (Brawa)  LE077XF (Lenz  Jens Emmermann 
Bilder  DR-V200 (Minitrix)  N020    (Kühn  Jens Emmermann 
Bilder  VT 95 (Fleischmann)  Georg Ziegler   Edward von Flottwell  
Bilder  LVT 172 (Brawa)  MX 61 (Zimo)   Jens Emmermann 
Bilder  (several)  Georg Ziegler   Jens Emmermann 
Scale Z / Nm
pictures  BR81 (Märklin)  Georg Ziegler   Georg Ziegler 

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